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What kind of bouncy castles are attractive


Children's inflatable castle is also called inflatable trampoline. It is a relatively common inflatable toy. It can be seen in outdoor squares, parks and indoor shopping malls. Although it is common, it does not mean a random castle. Business can be booming, and its shape and style have a great impact on business conditions. So what kind of castle can attract children and make them enjoy playing?

Since children's inflatable castles are used to play for children, both the manufacturers responsible for production design and the investment managers responsible for selecting styles should think from the perspective of children and design and produce castles from their perspective. To make children like to play.


In the eyes of children, the world should be colorful and childlike, so when designing children's inflatable castles, focus on color matching. Although children do not understand these things, they like gorgeous and colorful Colors, bright colors are always so dazzling. I saw such a big toy in so many toys far away. Can't resist trying it?



Bright colors are not enough. Fun shapes are also important. Adults like to watch movies and TV shows, and children like to watch cartoons. It is innocent age, and they often like to imagine themselves as characters in cartoons. If you can have close contact in reality at this time, not many children can refuse.