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Henan China Flood We are united and overcome difficulties together

July 20th, 2021 our city suffering history disaster, flood. ANXIN team united together, and overcome difficulties together. In the case of severe disasters, the company still coordinated relief supplies and helped the affected areas.

Xinxiang City and Zhengzhou City of Henan Province, is a hard-hit area. ANXIN is in the hardest-hit area but is cared by thousands of friends. At the critical moment when we are united to rebuild our homeland, our customers and friends in Jingzhou, Hubei Province sent charcoal in the snow, and sent emergency supplies to Anxin across nearly a thousand kilometers. The family members of Henan Anxin team thank you for your selfless assistance.

ANXIN Group General Manager told ANXIN team: 
There are many places in Henan that have been severely affected by the disaster, and many family members need these supplies more than we do. At present, our factory area has gradually returned to normal. On behalf of everyone, the materials sent by friends from Hubei will be forwarded to those who need more materials on behalf of the friends in Hubei.


Essence employees never let everyone down at any time, and despite the same floods and various losses, they all said:
We particularly support the company's approach. We are proud of being an employee of Anxin. We hope that the disaster will pass as soon as possible. We hope that all people in the disaster-stricken area will be successfully rescued, with food, housing and clothing!