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Henan Anxin Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. Autumn Team Building Games

 Henan Anxin Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. Autumn Team Building Games
Location: ANXIN Amusement Huangdi Factory
Date: October 22, 2021
Content: In this beautiful autumn day, after careful preparation by various departments/workshops, we ushered in the Henan Anxin Autumn Fun Games in October 2021.
Purpose: The purpose of holding this fun sports meeting is to further stimulate the enthusiasm of all employees for unity and hard work, improve the level of employees' sports competition, promote more extensive and in-depth development of national fitness activities, and promote the overall development of the company's various undertakings. The organization of the employee sports meeting is not only a review of the sports quality and mental outlook of all cadres and employees, but also a test of the overall quality of all employees, such as physical fitness, athletic ability, and moral cultivation. It is also a test of the group consciousness, competition awareness, and team of each participating unit. A comprehensive manifestation of the fighting spirit.
Henan Anxin Amusement will regard this fun games as an opportunity to further enhance the awareness of people-oriented, effectively strengthen the construction of corporate culture, further promote and cultivate the spirit of sports, and add new intellectual support and spiritual power to the development of the company. The victory or defeat on the field is temporary, but the spirit of constant self-improvement is forever. Striving for the gold medal performance of one's own jobs and improving the quality and craftsmanship of the jobs are what our Henan Anxin family should continue to pursue. The employee sports meeting is not only a sports competition, but also an opportunity to show good sportsmanship.
At present, our company’s various performances are heading for brilliance. Let us Anxin’s family transform the confidence and fighting spirit inspired on the sports field into actual productivity, and fully carry forward the faster, higher and stronger sportsmanship, in order to complete the various Work hard with the grand goals of production and operation tasks and brand building, building a harmonious Anxin corporate team!

The leaders who visited the Games
General Manager Zhang Jingwei
Zhang Song Deputy General Manager
Director Liu Kai