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Zhengzhou Happy Charity Line-Garbage sorting makes the city more beautiful

Zhengzhou Happy Charity Line
Location: Zhengzhou Zijingshan Park

Time: October 22, 2021

Participants: Employees of Henan Anxin Zhengzhou Office

Purpose: Clean the environment and beautify Zhengzhou. Environmental protection is a subtle education system that requires us to start from the bits and pieces around us. Henan Anxin aims to have a small family with everyone, strengthen personal responsibility and join in the national public welfare activities started from me, and advocate environmental protection and continuous environmental awareness.

1. Cultivate the spirit of teamwork and improve team cohesion. Increase the sense of social responsibility, and help everyone to achieve stress reduction and relaxation, promote communication between colleagues, improve their own quality, and increase the sense of belonging to the company and the country.

2. Reduce the workload of cleaning staff in Zijingshan Park;

3. Show the society the positive outlook of contemporary enterprises

4. Enlighten the general public to care for the environment and reduce the occurrence of uncivilized behaviors such as littering.